Sara Kahn feels that plein air painting fuels her imagination. She aims to capture the essence of nature through stylistic transparent layers of watercolor. In her paintings, she captures a feeling of place by incorporating several characteristic moments of a scene viewed throughout the day. Sara analyses nature and synthesizes it into strong, pure visual forms which she arranges carefully in a composition that resembles dancing array of faceted crystal.

Sara is as excited about the qualities and characteristics of the painting medium as much as she is about the subject she is painting. The skill of the artist in handling the painting medium and knowing how it behaves—or does not in case of watercolors— is crucial to the painting. Only watercolors can yield transparent smooth tissue-like surfaces. Sara is fascinated by this unique transparent quality and uses it in her watercolor paintings all the time.

Sara strives to stay in the realm of pure visual elements, where the poetry of color, line and composition speak for themselves and language ceases to function. In other words, she is aiming to capture only the visual and not the verbal. It is as if nature goes through the sieve /prism of her imagination, and the result of this selective perception is a pure visual essence of the subject, stripped of time, words and description, appearing in its archetypal aesthetic form.

Sara’s artwork has been described as fresh, exciting and unpredictable by art critics and colleagues.